Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Gown Orders

We want to let our customers know that due to coronavirus, some of our products may have delayed delivery if they are beaded or manufactured in China. As of right now, our inventory is pretty solid, but it may start to dwindle in the near future. This is especially true for our beaded prom gowns. NONE of the products that we are selling were in China at the time the coronavirus erupted. ALL of our product has been in the United States from well before the virus emerged, so if you order a gown from us that happens to have been made in China, your product is virus-free. In light of current events, we thought it prudent to show-case the items that we sell that are made in the USA. There is a new link on each page directing you to our US made products. The items listed as US will grow daily as we parse them from the rest of our products and add them to the US list. If you have any question at all about where your item is made, please feel free to email or call and we'll be glad to tell you. Rowan Bridal LLC

Feb 27th 2020

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